Trucking And Vehicular Claims Litigation

Trucking And Vehicular Claims Litigation

The trucking and transportation practice of Newman Myers Kreines Harris, P.C., is grounded upon years of experience representing and defending the interests of trucking companies and their insurers.

Our attorneys represent major trucking companies and specialty trucking insurers in the defense of personal injury, physical damage and environmental claims. We have substantial experience in the defense of catastrophic trucking claims and are well-versed in the federal safety and ICC regulations in this field of work. We provide such representation throughout New York and New Jersey.

Our experience in terminal and stevedoring representation also overlaps into the trucking area, providing a solid grounding in regard to intermodal containers, interchange agreements and their legal effects.

As an example of our practice, in Leibowitz v. Behre, 16 Civ. 376 (S.D.N.Y. March 2018), we represented a commercial driver sued for backing up his tractor-trailer into the plaintiff’s car after he had stopped at an intersection. Although the jury found that the truck driver was at fault for backing up without checking if a car was behind him, the jury found that the plaintiff’s claimed serious injuries were not caused in the accident that was essentially a fender-bender notwithstanding that a tractor-trailer was involved.

In trucking and transportation claims, we understand the special problems of the industry in general and drivers and their equipment in particular. The personal injury/death action, property damage claim and no-fault arbitration proceedings arising from the typical accident are handled in a coordinated manner to avoid adverse overlap in the different issues.

We are poised to remove the appropriate case to federal court and have the expertise in federal practice and jurisdiction to exploit the advantages of such a strategy. We are experts in inter-company arbitration proceedings, federal court arbitration and private alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. We are successful in motion practice on the issues of liability, no-fault threshold and other substantive opportunities for summary dispositions.

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