Environmental Claims Litigation

Environmental Claims

Since the 1980s, Newman Myers Kreines Harris, P.C., has made its mark as a premier law firm in environmental claims in all of its substantive branches: claims arising out of groundwater and airborne contamination, “sick building” syndrome, lead poisoning and exposure to asbestos and other toxins.

We have significant experience in environmental litigation. We represented a public authority in multiple-plaintiff consolidated action alleging “sick building” syndrome and toxic exposure at several buildings on a college campus. We defended owner interests and the construction manager in multiple-plaintiff occupational lead exposure case involving the renovation of Grand Central Terminal. We have defended a public authority in several cases of residential child lead exposure. We defended an owner and construction manager in a case of mucormycosis infection of a construction worker alleging toxic exposure in his work. The cases we have defended track the scope of business of our respective clients who have relied on our diverse expertise in all areas of our clients’ businesses.

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